The Wishing Tree

By Grace Siu Wei (a.k.a. Graceful Quills)
340A Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427592
20 – 21 Jan & 27 – 28 Jan, 10:00am – 5:00pm (Free Entry)


Inspired by the venerable Chinese tradition of the ‘wishing tree’, the installation serves as a contemporary reinterpretation of the sacred ritual. Attendees are invited to engage in an interactive experience – weaving their hopes, dreams, and affirmations for 2024 into the fabric of the installation.

The delicate and intricate nature of paper – a signature element in her work – symbolises growth, fragility and the interconnectedness of human aspirations. The tree serves as a conduit for the collective expression of individual desires and dreams.

Grace Siu Wei (a.k.a. Graceful Quills)

Grace Siu Wei is a poet-artist based in Singapore. Her creative practice, Graceful Quills, specialises in customised typewritten poetry for businesses and individuals. A firm believer in the healing and transformative qualities of the written word, her brand has since opened up a safe space for people to share their personal stories.

Her works, which mainly explore themes of identity and mental health, have been presented in various local exhibitions organised by Art Outreach Singapore, Paperwork and The Fluxus House. Grace’s poetry has also delighted many through the Graceful Quills live poetry booth, in collaboration with brands such as Uniqlo, Spotify, Singapore Art Museum, Design Orchard and more. She also conducts monthly poetry workshops, inviting others to a therapeutic experience on the typewriter and into a poem. Her debut poetry collection, Happily, Ever After? Eco-emotions in the age of the climate crisis was published in 2022, followed by Girlhood (2023).