The Street Tailor

By Didier ‘Jaba’ Mathieu
102 Dunlop Street, 209421


In The Street Tailor, Jaba showcases the quiet charm of a neighbourhood hero – the street tailor. Ignoring fashion or trends, this everyday hero is all about helping out, fixing things and tweaking those little details that baffle most of us. It is a tribute to those who stick to a timeless craft, gracefully navigating life’s twists without getting caught up in passing judgments or trends.

Didier ‘Jaba’ Mathieu

Didier ‘Jaba’ Mathieu is most recognised for his large mural works across Singapore and the world which feature futuristic abstract mathematics, alphabetical constructivism and facial cubism, brutally refined.

His art grows from his extensive travels and background as a graffiti writer, which is evident in the complex alchemy of his illustrations and digital paintings. Jaba's practice extends across multiple disciplines and he participates in countless graffiti performances all over Europe, South America, Africa and Asia as an extension to his enthusiasm and energy for illustration.