By Vimel Devdas (G)
Indian Heritage Centre, 5 Campbell Ln, 209924
Thu, 18 Jan (Preview Night) to Sun, 28 Jan 2024 | Open 10:00am – 6:00pm, Closed on Mondays


OBSCURA is a street photography exhibition that shines a light on the usually unseen heritage and people of Little India. By utilising the art of street photography, the artist aims to showcase the obscure elements of the streets of Little India so that audiences may experience the beauty of the place and its people through a different perspective.

Vimel Devdas (G)

G is a versatile and passionate artist with a profound love for using his camera to tell stories. With over six years of dedicated experience in the arts, he has forged a unique path encompassing street photography, art direction, theatre, filmmaking, as well as arts and events management.

G is the founder of The Council Productions and The Bold Collective, and has worked with clientele ranging from companies like Chocolate Origin to government bodies like the British High Commission.