Buffalo Road

By Shah Rizzal
664 Buffalo Road (Block 664 drop off), 210664


This floor mural captures the vibrant clash of colours as well as prominent structures on Buffalo Road.

The graffiti-inspired painting style conveys the spontaneity of the people and environment in and around the area. Even though Little India’s shophouses are smaller than the surrounding massive buildings, it is their vibrant colours which draw people to the district as colour always wins.

Shah Rizzal

Graffiti art has influenced Shah's artistic endeavours and the way he perceives his surroundings. As a result, his art has changed from a highly emotive spontaneous visual execution to a more poetic approach. Through both his academic and professional endeavours, he has honed what he learned from his previous artistic experience to create a refined form of diplomacy between the clash of cultures, experiences, understandings and emotions.

Shah has recently developed an interest in performance art because of how spontaneous and contentious it has historically been. This has inspired him to produce works of art that surfaces particular themes in an engaging way.

Shah hopes to fuse his academic education with his unconventional street knowledge in order to propagate a different sort of visual art aesthetic and foster a contemporary understanding of current and future generations of Singapore artists.