Video Car

By Urich Lau
Date & Time
Hindoo Rd Project Oasis Little India (POLI) site
Hindoo Rd Project Oasis Little India (POLI) site


Fri & Sat 6-7 & 13-14 Jan,
7:00pm – 10:00pm


The Video Car series, which began in 2010, transforms a car into an interactive display for videos. The work presents an eclectic viewing experience by combining the elements of moving images with the familiarity of a common automobile.

The work is a symbolic gesture in response to the boundaries of mobility – echoing issues of the current economic climate, such as the displacement of people and places. The car is a transformative element that turns a functioning transportation tool into a functionless art object and back again.

Urich Lau

Urich works in the mediums of video art, photography and printmaking. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He has exhibited locally and internationally, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, China, Japan, Australia, Germany, Serbia and the US.

Recent group exhibitions include Intimate Moments at Platoon Kunsthalle, Berlin, and Project Glocal – Cityzening at Jorge B. Vargas Museum, Manila. He is also an independent curator, having presented exhibitions in Singapore, Indonesia, and China. His curatorial projects include Videologue, a series of two exhibitions at the Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing and the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore.