Tapestry of Saree 2040

By Mural Lingo
Date & Time
68 Serangoon Rd
68 Serangoon Rd


The mural along 68 Serangoon Road depicts a narrative about culture, legacy and the future — drawing inspiration from its immediate vicinity of Little India.

Sarees — and its historical importance — acts as a conduit to portray design fads and imaginings of wardrobe shopping in the future. The traditional methods of creating sarees are juxtaposed with contemporary methods, such as the use of a tablet to create patterns. Dominating the mural is its centrepiece – a substantially sized saree billowing in the breeze.

Drawing upon Mural Lingo’s versatility, the piece will contain an eclectic variety of art styles which serves as a catalyst for sparking dialogue between communies within and beyond the precinct, displaying a refreshing take on the South Indian saree culture in a cutting-edge way. Viewers will be captivated by the sight of a larger-than-life representation of South Indian history and culture.

Mural Lingo

Mural Lingo is a creative studio that works at the intersection of arts and technology. Founded in 2014, the Singapore-based studio creates immersive artistic experiences with a mélange of traditional mediums and immersive technology. They aim to create a socially and environmentally conscious society, one wall at a time.

Over the years, they have been engaged by clients such as BOSCH, Estée Lauder, Google, Gucci, National Arts Council, Shiseido and WWF among others to paint murals, facilitate workshops, curate immersive art exhibitions, organise social events, and support corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes. Through their works, they strive towards innovating new forms of storytelling.