Stamp Carving Workshop

Date & Time
Sun 15 Jan 2023, 1:30pm & 5:00pm
Artefakts East Coast Studio 90 Goodman Rd Goodman Arts Centre Block O, #02-64
Artefakts East Coast Studio 90 Goodman Rd Goodman Arts Centre Block O, #02-64


Whether you’re a journaler or scrapbooker, everyone can partake in the therapeutic craft of stamp-making. In this workshop by Artefakts, attendees will learn the basic techniques of carving their very own stamp, one that is wholly unique to them.

Spend your weekend detoxing in a quaint art-jamming environment — a great way to channel one’s creative energy. Get the chance to interact with like-minded craft enthusiasts and relieve stress while also discovering the childhood artist within.

No arts experience is required to participate. Sessions are limited to 12 participants to maintain a cozy, personal and friendly vibe. Bring a friend for company and try stamp carving together, or go alone and delve into profound inner thoughts while crafting your own self personalised stamp.


ARTEFAKTS is a contemporary artist’s studio and craft workshop in Singapore. They welcome all budding artists, craftsmen and designers pursuing their artistic vision to join them in creating art with a refreshing, contemporary twist with the belief that there’s a little creative artist within everyone waiting to be discovered once one gets in touch with one’s artistic side.

Their comprehensive and thoughtfully designed programmes for teens to working adults are suitable for basic to intermediate learners. They believe art should be enriching, relaxing and therapeutic, and are happy to welcome all to their studio.