Rangoli Workshops

By Vijaya Mohan
Date & Time
Fri 6 & 13 Jan 2023, 1:00pm
Tekka Place, B1-01, 2 Serangoon Rd
Tekka Place, B1-01, 2 Serangoon Rd


Even before the first rays of the sun are visible on the horizon, at least 10 million Indian households sweep and clean their door entrances and draw picturesque and colourful designs called rangoli or kolam outside their houses. The word ‘rangoli’ is derived from ‘rangavalli’ – ‘rang’ means colours and ‘valli’ means creepers and together it means a row of colourful creepers. It is generally believed that rangoli/kolam are drawn to welcome Lakshmi the Goddess of Wealth into the house and also to ward off evil spirits.

These designs evoke a sense of geometry, creativity, sensitivity and beauty and is considered as an important form of artistic expression. As an art form, rangoli/kolam teaches one patience, endurance and determination. It also enhances creativity, concentration and confidence.

Ms Vijaya Mohan will be conducting hands-on rangoli-making workshop as well as a share its history and significance from its origins to the practices here in Singapore.

Vijaya Mohan

Vijaya Mohan has been practising rangoli since the age of five and now has over 55 years of experience in the craft. She has created more than 10,000 rangolis in Singapore. She also holds 38 Singaporean records and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest rangoli pattern ever created. Besides promoting rangoli through art classes and workshops in local schools, she is also a trained art therapist who works regularly with welfare organisations to conduct rangoli programmes for underserved communities, including seniors, children with special needs and people facing mental health challenges.

During her lifetime of rangoli experience, Vijaya has drawn for museums, goverment establishments, community centres, hotels, schools and colleges, airlines, banks, rotary clubs etc. Notable projects include Air India and British Airways, Esplanade and Museums featured annually in Singapore, GOPIO Conference 2003, Dubai Shopping Festival 2009, ICAN Women’s Conference 2012.