Anatomical Reverberation; Recollections of you from a distance

By Soph O
Date & Time
471 Joo Chiat Rd
471 Joo Chiat Rd


An abstract portrait of characters, environments and experiences morphs into a singular cell that clads a historical structure. Life moves through, constantly evolving with time whereupon the structure becomes a vessel – containing, channelling. Breathing while staying still. Recollections echoed from within, over the edges, from a distance, deep down under.

The mural combines familiar forms and patterns which overlap and generate a labyrinthine surface composition. Each layer has a distinct character where smaller structures coexist with larger patterns, creating paths, vibrating and echoing, luring the viewer into a journey of micro hard-edged abstracts.

Soph has always been fascinated by memories and emotions resonate over time and how relationships with them change when stories are retold. Both narrator and listener are often denied access to the true history as memory is easily distorted. Recollections blur and intertwine.

The artist’s approach to painting tries to encapsulate these memories, however flawed they may be. This allows viewers to reimagine and reconstruct stories, bringing new perspectives and discoveries with each piece told to them or repeated to themselves. The endless journeys of living, experiencing, learning, unlearning and thriving are constants that ought to be balanced as humanity celebrates the ambiguities and randomness of life.

Soph O

Soph O is a Singaporean visual artist who collects and draws imagery that lie on the border between the mundane and extraordinary. Her practice revolves around capturing transient moments and everyday stories, focusing on the notion of place and landscape, narration and abstraction which are translated through repetition, reiteration and recurrence onto drawings, paintings, installations and murals.

Soph holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Elam School of Fine Arts in New Zealand (2010). She has shown her works at numerous local and international exhibitions, including Logic Chromatic (2018) solo exhibition at UltraSuperNew, Singapore, Naiise UK Pop-Up Store (2017) group exhibition at The Old Truman Brewery London, PPC | 珍珠坊: A Public Living Room (2016) at People’s Park Complex as part of SG Artweek, Superpsychics (2013) collective pop-up exhibition at Future Perfect gallery Singapore, Singapore Unintentional Islander (2014) solo exhibition at Twenty-Two Singapore, and Exposition Collective 2014 in Liège, Belgium.