A Stroll Alongside Colour

By Jamie Teo
Date & Time
SPACES Singapore, 292 Joo Chiat Rd, outdoor walkways
SPACES Singapore, 292 Joo Chiat Rd, outdoor walkways


Looking at the colourful shophouses that line both sides of Koon Seng Road, the first thing that struck the artist was how these contrasting colours were placed side by side, yet did not clash with each other. Instead, they created a sense of harmony and something unique altogether. The artist was inspired by these combinations to create pockets and windows of abstract spaces where people could walk across or into and be surrounded by pure colour.

Outdoors, the mural piece stands out against the highly textured views found around Katong-Joo Chiat. Installed in a walkway, the work acts as a fragmented piece spans different areas, inviting the audience to keep an open eye out for pieces of these ‘windows’ in Katong-Joo Chiat. The bright colours of the work forces viewers to break away from their day-to-day routines – to stop, slow down and enjoy the simple joys of looking.

Jamie Teo

Jamie Teo is a visual artist known for her abstract colour artworks on various surfaces, evoking intangible visual interactions between her art and her audience. Jamie is interested in the simmering tension between the stillness and phenomenal movement of an image. By creating works that lack a focal centre and are without a balanced composition, this inability to focus on the image prompts contemplation between the viewer and the work.

Her use of colour acts as a vehicle to move the viewers around and within the paintings from intensities of colour to the absence of colour, the blurred edges exaggerating vision such that certain colours may hold the viewer’s attention longer than another while some may be overlooked. Jamie is constantly fascinated by the sensation arising from forms and colours drifting freely, even as the intensification of vision creates a concurrent awareness of form and non-form.