7 Scenes of a Street

By Artwave
Date & Time
Along Baboo Lane
Along Baboo Lane


Fri & Sat 6-7 & 13-14 Jan,
7:00pm – 10:00pm


Due to the rapid evolution of technology throughout the 21st century, every street on earth is now captured digitally. People can travel to any part of the world in a technological sense without actually packing their bags and boarding an airplane, as well as read and know everything about the history of a place without having to experience it first-hand. Anyone can learn about countries miles away, much less Singapore.

So what does ‘travelling’ mean from here, and as local artists, what can Artwave tell you about the streets of Singapore that can’t already find on the internet? What about time travelling and experiencing the histories of a street all at once?

In this artwork, listeners take a stroll through an alley while listening to sounds projected by hidden speakers throughout the space. Through this experience, they are sent on a journey through Singapore’s history and gain a deeper understanding of the echoes of Singapore’s past.


Artwave Studio is an audio content house powering podcasts, music and thoughtful encounters. Their team of producers, creative writers, voiceover artists, sound designers and audio engineers come together to create content across climate action, wellness and the arts. Their projects include producing original podcasts and novel audio-first experiences for audiences. Drawing inspiration from seemingly ordinary things, Artwave creates works that draw the audience in closer, provoking conversations around various topics close to the heart of Singaporeans.

Their recent works include the podcasts Climate Cheesecake and Backlogues, as well as their first walking trail Artist’s Block at Stamford Arts Centre. Past projects include Podscape by Shophouse and Co for Arts in Your Neighbourhood, Poems on Air for #BuySingLit and A Call Away for Singapore Writers Festival 2020.